Example Projects

Here are some examples of projects completed in the past! Note that this does not include work completed in previous employment, undergraduate degree, or work contributing to my PhD thesis.

🥁 🔉 Electronic Snare Drum (ongoing) Long-running project to create a highly precise electronic snare drum, with the dynamic range and responsiveness of an acoustic drum, and without triggering/sampling. Email for further information.

Techniques: Bayesian Optimisation (custom, Python), Differential Digital Signal Processing (PyTorch), DSP (C++)

🎻 🔉 Investigating Unsupervised Time-Domain Representation Learning for Digital Instruments (2019) Placement project with Bela as part of Media & Arts Technology Doctoral Training Scheme, supervised by Dr. Andrew McPherson. [pdf]

Techniques: Deep Learning (PyTorch, Python)

🥁 🔉 Osci-rhythm (2019) Web-app that tracks metrical frequencies of a MIDI stream in real time, using a Gradient Frequency Neural Network, in order to sequence melodies. [video, code]

Techniques: Oscillating Neural Networks (PyTorch), MIDI Processing (mido, Python), Visualisation (p5.js), Synthesis (Tone.js)

🥁 🎼 AttrMidiMe (2021) Extends Magenta’s MidiMe with attribute regularisation, for further-personalised models - in order to generate drum rhythms with variable complexity! [listen, code]

Techniques: Deep Learning (Tensorflow.js, Javascript/Typescript)

Open source contributions:

Other unlisted projects include:

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