About Me

Doctoral student and amateur drummer, interested in why humans enjoy musical rhythms, and the dynamics behind synchronisation in social interactions.

PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), working in the Music Cognition Lab and CRISP groups. Respectively, these are part of the Cognitive Science (CogSci) and Advanced Robotics (ARQ) Research Groups. Studentship supported by the Media and Arts Technology (MAT) Centre.


Research Interests


Demonstrator in the School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science (EECS), QMUL:


See full list: here on Google Scholar.

  1. Thomas Kaplan, Elaine Chew (presenter): Detecting Low Frequency Oscillations in Cardiovascular Signals Using Gradient Frequency Neural Networks. CinC 2019. Read here: cinc.org/archives/2019/pdf/CinC2019-405.pdf
  2. James Arram, Thomas Kaplan, Wayne Luk, Peiyong Jiang: Leveraging FPGAs for Accelerating Short Read Alignment. IEEE/ACM Trans. Comput. Biology Bioinform. 14(3): 668-677 (2017)
  3. James Arram, Moritz Pflanzer, Thomas Kaplan, Wayne Luk: FPGA acceleration of reference-based compression for genomic data. FPT 2015: 9-16
  4. Thomas Kaplan, Optimising Bisulfite Sequencing Analysis, 2015. Read here: doc.ic.ac.uk/teaching/distinguished-projects/2015/t.kaplan.pdf


✉️ Email: thomas•m•kaplan✉gmail•com


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